Central Locations

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Brueggers Bagels River/Stone
Starbucks River/Stone
Subway Wetmore
Trader Joes Campbell / Limberlost
Cafe Luce Campbell
La Baguette Prince / Campbell
Jerry Bobs 3601 N. Campbell
La Frontera Prince/Mountain
Guadalajara Grill E. Prince Rd.
Taqueria de Pueblito 1800 E. Ft. Lowell/Campbell
Jack-in-the-Box 1780 N. Campbell
Prep & Pastry Cafe N. Campbell
Nico’s Campbell
Brush Fire BBQ 2743 N. Campbell
Dunkin’ Donuts N. Campbell Ave.
India Dukaan N. Campbell / Glenn
Cost Cutters 2920 N. Campbell
Beyond Bread 3026 N. Campbell
Hungry Howies 3122 N. Campbell
Cody’s B & B   11:00 2708 E. Ft. Lowell
Egg Connection 3114 E. Ft. Lowell
Las Margaritas 3602 E. Grant Rd.
Starbucks Grant / Swan
Royal Car Wash 1919 E. Ft. Lowell
Dr. Wedel   N. Campbell Ave
Campana del Rio 1550 E. River Rd.
Panera Cafe 4280 N.Oracle
BK Mex. 2680 N. 1st Ave.
Dean’s Village 2938  N. 1st.
Pappy’s Pizza 1300 W. Prince Rd.
Four Seasons Miracle Mile
Mario’s Pizza 3157 N. 1st
Mother Hubbards 14 W. Grant Rd. / Stone
Az. Spay Neuter  Grant Rd and Stone
Guero Canelo Mex. 2480 N. Oracle
Habistore   (OLD) 935 W. Grant / Fairview
McDonalds Grant / Silverbell
Westside Cafe 1951 W. Grant Rd.
Arby’s 1761 W. Grant Rd.
Bianchi’s Italian Speedway / Silverbell
Punjab   11:00  N. 1st Av/Grant
Yamato Japanese N. 1st Ave. / Grant
Al’s Barber Shop  N. 1st Av/Grant
Mandarin Grill  11:00 505 E. Grant Rd.
Discount Tire 3701 E. Speedway / Dodge
Casa Video 2905 E. Speedway
Az. Womens Imaging 4566 N.  1st. Ave.
Jack-in-the-Box 1st Ave. @ Wetmore
Los Betos 4470 N. 1st. Ave.
Applebees E. Wetmore
Funtasticks Fun Park E. Wetmore
Starbucks E. Wetmore
Los Betos Oracle / Prince Rd.
KFC   10:30 3344 N. Oracle
Hoagie’s 3608 N. Oracle / Prince
La Palma 3624 N. Oracle / Prince
Panda One 3670 N. Oracle
Discount Tire 3760 N. Oracle
Pizza Hut 3800 N. Oracle
Samurai  11:00 3912 N. Oracle
Nico’s Taco 2000 E. Roger
Walgreens NE cor Oracle / Limberlost
Jason’s Mex. Grill Oracle – next to Van’s
Sport Clips Oracle – next to Van’s
Silver Mine Subs 4280 N.Oracle
Barnet – Delany 698 E. Wetmore
Dr. Nathan – chiropractor 698 E. Wetmore
Luke’s Rest. 101 E. Ft. Lowell
Best Value Laundramat Ft. Lowell / 1st Ave.
Crispy Fish Ft. Lowell / 1st.
Super Pawn 1st @ Roger
Jack-in-the-Box Oracle/River
McDonalds 4495 N. Oracle
Dr. Rokey 537 W. Wetmore
Olive Garden 11 am open Tucson Mall
Starbucks Tucson Mall
Gloria Jeans Tucson Mall
Sprouts Market 4282 N. 1st Ave.
Watson Chev. 625 N. Auto Mall
Chariot Pizza Bar 3930  N. Flowing Wells